Welcome to the Hofesh Boutique!

The Hofesh Team is pleased to offer you these fine, high quality products that pack a serious message!

The Classic Hofesh Flyer

Now you can print this attractive flyer in your own home. Share it with your friends, hang it in the workplace, distribute it throughout your neighborhood. Click here to download the flyer in Hebrew Word format. (Available in Hebrew only)

Front Back
Hofesh T-Shirts

Front side

Available sizes:
S - ages 6-10
M - ages 10-13
L - ages 13-15
XL - ages 15+

Price: NIS 20. Add NIS 5 for regular mail, or add NIS 10 for registered mail.

Back side
Bumper Stickers

Bumper sticker, 20 cm by 7 cm, plastic.
High quality bumper sticker, newly redesigned and very colorful. 20 cm by 7 cm, plastic.
Highly visible outdoors, very colorful and high quality. Plastic.
Good quality sticker. 21cm by 7 cm, plastic.
Excellent for placing on doorposts, next to or instead of a mezuzzah. 5.5 cm by 6.5 cm, paper.
Simple sticker, paper, excellent to combat haredi notices. Small size: 19 cm by 6 cm; large size 19 cm by 11 cm. (Due to its extreme popularity, this item is temporarily unavailable.)
Literature stand.

Many storeowners and businesses have already made it clear where they stand on haredi dictates. If you want to make your voice heard in your community, dedicate a small but your visible area to the Hofesh effort by placing this attractive stand and accompanying literature in your store or office. Contact Hofesh for more details.


Nothing is free. Even though we at Hofesh volunteer many hours to building an informative and meaningful web site, we still incur expenses. Our ongoing costs include web hosting, stocking the products on this page, publicity, and other activities. Some of the expenses are paid by members of the Hofesh team, out of our own pockets, because we firmly believe in our cause. What we can't cover by ourselves, we need to ask of you.

You can send checks to our address. If you need a receipt or invoice for tax purposes, please include a note to that effect with your contribution.

Address for Payments or Contributions

If you want to purchase one of the items on this page, or if you want to show your support by making a tax-deductible contribution, make out your check to"Hofesh - freedom from religion" and send it to our address:

P. O. Box 65227
Tel-Aviv 61652

Hofesh is a registered nonprofit organization that is responsible for the legal aspects of the Hofesh site. We recommend writing "to bearer only" between two lines as in illustration above. This ensures that only Hofesh deposits the check. Regular postage is usually sufficient, and there is no need for registered mail. You can also pay be postal money orders.

The Hofesh team thanks you for your support!